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Zoe Schumm

Zoe Schumm

4 All Humanity

Zoe Schumm is the owner and designer of 4 All Humanity, a fair trade women’s apparel and accessories company. Zoe graduated from K-State with a dual degree in Apparel Design and Apparel Marketing along with a minor in Business.  Her senior year she was awarded “Outstanding Senior.” During and after her college career she worked at GTM Sportswear. She first started as Product Development Assistant and ended her time there as Associate Technical Designer.

In 2012, Zoe started 4 All Humanity. She travels down to Guatemala where she works with over one hundred women and men helping them and their families rise above poverty with the production of 4 All Humanity goods. During her time in Guatemala she became the Associate Director & than Executive Director of Education and More, a non-profit that facilitates education in Guatemala. In 2015 She partnered with Kansas State University to offer study tours for apparel & textile students.

Zoe’s role as owner and designer include but are not limited to: sourcing fabrics and trims, managing production timelines for products and marketing, conceptualizing and styling photoshoots, creating and fostering business relationships with boutiques and managing and implementing impact assessments for artisan groups.

Visit 4 All Humanity's website