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BensonWeddKara Bush

Kara graduated from the interior design program in May 2000 and worked for GLPM Architects in Lawrence, Kansas. After several years at GLPM, Kara worked briefly in product sales before working for ACI Boland Architects, learning healthcare interiors. In 2006 she joined Rees Masilionis Turley Architects where she designed and managed projects in excess of one million square feet for a corporate client over a span of six years.

In 2012 Kara decided to leave her position and start her own commercial interior design firm with a colleague she had met while at ACI Boland. BensonWedd focuses on corporate and healthcare interiors and collaborates with architects for full renovation and new construction projects. Kara's goal with every project is to provide her client an efficient and attractive space tailored to their requirements through ingenuity and thoughtful design.

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