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Baylee Ragsdill

Pottery BarnBaylee Ragsdill
Assistant Buyer, Textiles Division

Baylee Ragsdill graduated from Kansas State University's Apparel and Textiles program in May 2017. She received a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textile Marketing with minors in Business Administration and Mass Communications. She held several different jobs and internships while in college across retail sales, event planning, public relations, and graphic design. Baylee now works at Pottery Barn Corporate Headquarters in San Francisco, California as an Assistant Buyer for rugs and flooring. In this role, she works closely with the rug buyer to manage the entire merchandising process from end to end. This involves pre-season management such as assorting each season's line, overseeing product development, product creation, financial analysis, and marketing as well as in-season management such as markdowns, promotions, visual merchandising, business recaps, reporting, etc. 

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