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Erin Cammel

Scott Rice Office WorksErin Cammel
Project Integrator

Erin graduated from Kansas State University in May of 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. While in college, she was an intern with Scott Rice Office Works focusing mainly on project marketing by creating all graphics given to clients, such as product brochures and presentations. After graduation, Erin transitioned into her current position with Scott Rice as Project Integrator managing all projects, from initial contact through installation, within the Manhattan and surrounding communities. This can include meeting with clients, design solution brainstorming and/or creation, order processing, and ultimately managing the installation and completion of the project. She has worked on such projects as KSU College of Business, KSU College of Engineering, Vanier Football Complex, Salina School District, as well as other projects within the Manhattan business community. 

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