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Mary Campbell

HOKMary Campbell
Interior Designer

Mary graduated from the ATID program in 2010, with a minor in leadership studies. She started her career at BA Designs, a contract furnishing dealership in Topeka, Kansas, and was quickly relocated and tasked with the rebranding and design of the Kansas City office. In 2012, Mary made the jump to a boutique multidisciplinary design firm in Kansas City - Clockwork A+D. During her time there, she worked primarily on creative hospitality, workplace, and retail design. After two years at Clockwork, Mary was approached to join the “Metro team” at HOK Kansas City – a small group of designers that focuses primarily on workplace design. She has worked on many commercial projects locally and nationwide including the headquarters for the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, and is currently working on the new football training facility for the Chicago Bears.

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