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Audrey Koehn, ASID, LEED AP

DLR Group (Denver, CO)Audrey Koehn
Interior Designer

Audrey is an interior designer at DLR Group in their Denver, Colorado, office. Following her graduation from the interior design program in 2005, Audrey began her career with Newman, Cavender and Doane, a boutique firm specializing in workplace design. Following DLR Group's acquisition of the firm in 2007, Audrey was given the opportunity to explore design in a variety of additional markets including hospitality, K-12, higher education and justice. 

Her design experience runs the gamut from the corporate headquarters for ULA (the people who launched the Curiosity Rover to Mars) and multiple corporate workplaces for USAA, to the University of Wyoming's new Gateway Center, to the "Rolling Stones Suite" and "I love Lucy" guest rooms for retro-chic Curtis Hotel in Downtown Denver. She holds her NCIDQ certification and LEED AP.

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