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Katie Pohlman

Gould EvansKatie Pohlman
Interior Designer

Upon graduation from Kansas State University, Katie enrolled in Oxford University/Oxford Brookes University in England to explore her passion for historic architecture through graduate-level studies. There she learned to design buildings from a conservation viewpoint, and she earned a Master of Science in Historic Conservation.

Now serving as an interior designer, Katie brings over five years of expertise in interior design, space-fit planning, and programming. She has been a valuable addition to the Gould Evans’ team for over one year. Working predominantly on corporate workspaces, Katie is passionate about helping her clients seek better experiences and environments for themselves and the people they serve. Katie is a natural leader, her valiant personality and enthusiasm reflects on all of her projects and client-relationships.

In addition, Katie is the leader of the Sustainability Design Initiative in the Gould Evans’ Kansas City Studio. She works with fellow colleagues to make sure sustainability is carried out within projects and project teams.

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