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Apparel Design and Production: Skills Expected of Applicants

Students interested in the Apparel Design and Production Specialization (ADP) should have skills or experiences in art, design, and sewing. Experience in computer aided design software Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop would also be of benefit.

These skills can be gained through HS classes, 4-H projects, public workshops or classes (face-to-face or online) and independent practice. The internet options seem endless for "Learn to..." "How to..." "DIY..." for sewing, drawing fashion and using Adobe programs. There are both free and purchase options.

Some options to explore:

  • Craftsy.com classes. Classes range from basic to advanced.
  • Sewing Patterns: Simplicity Learn to Sew. Palmer Pletsch Lean to Sew. Twinkle Sews.
  • Skillshare.com

Application Process

During spring semester of the first year, students interested in the ADP specialization submit a portfolio demonstrating design and sewing skills. See the page of information for current students for more information. Students entering K-State in the fall semester will enroll in AT300 Apparel Production I, once they are accepted into the ADP specialization.