Guatemala Information

These service learning experiences will take place in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala. The primary site is Panajachel, Guatemala but service learning will also take place in the surrounding villages. Panajachel has a low crime rate and is fairly safe (though the usual precautions to keep oneself safe are encouraged). Panajachel is frequented by tourists so locals are used to a diverse populations of visitors.

Lake AtitlanView of Lake Atitlan from Panajachel, Guatemala
Guatemala mapMap of Guatemala with Department
of Solola (location of Panajachel
and surrounding villages) circled

Why Guatemala?

  • 79% of the indigenous population live in poverty
  • Guatemala has the 4th highest rate in the world of child malnutrition, particularly in the indigenous population
  • 60% of the indigenous population are illiterate
  • less than half of children who start school will finish
  • almost half the country lacks access to water and sanitation system

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Guatemalan & Mayan culture

The Guatemalan Civil War had a huge impact on the indigenous Mayans and contributed to the significant struggles the Mayan people face on a daily basis.

US Department of State's Guatemala website