Guatemala International Experience


International Experience

The Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health is excited to offer an extraordinary education abroad program for our students who desire to have a life transforming experience! The focus is on service-learning to help the indigenous Mayan people improve their quality of life.

Working and studying abroad makes you an active and engaged part of a global community. This experience can enhance your job prospects, make you competitive in an international economy, give you a broader outlook, and inspire personal and professional growth. You will have opportunity to acquire and cultivate skills and make a positive difference in the lives of the indigenous Mayans.

Service Learning Opportunities:

  • Teach nutrition lessons, all ages
  • Tend community gardens and teach cooking classes
  • Work in medical clinics
  • Assist local Mayan physician
  • Conduct community health assessments
  • Develop physical activity programs
  • Disease prevention programs
  • Tutor in reading, English, computers, & business skills
  • Research opportunities
  • Data collection for health initiatives

Religious Procession in Guatemala

Those interested in the Guatemala Experience should contact their advisor or Linda Yarrow, program coordinator.