Human Ecology with specialization in Hospitality Administration (Doctor of Philosophy)

The interdisciplinary doctoral program in Human Ecology offers a specialization in Hospitality Administration. The doctoral program requires a minimum of 90 semester credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree, including a minimum of 15 hours of dissertation research. Up to 30 hours from the student's master's degree may be applied toward the course work requirement.

Graduates of the Human Ecology with specialization in Hospitality Administration (Doctor of Philosophy) program will demonstrate the following:

  • efficient management of human, material, technological and financial resources
  • ability to recognize emerging trends and implement strategies to accommodate change
  • analytical decision‐making
  • commitment to ethical business practices
  • effective oral and written communication skills
  • application of research methods and findings
  • skills in research proposal development
  • publication and application of research findings
  • leadership in the design and implementation of theoretical or applied research
  • application of skills in leadership and administration in foodservice and hospitality operations
  • assumption of the responsibilities for self-direction, self‐evaluation and professional development
  • effective skills in instruction in higher education settings
  • appreciation of the importance of the internal and external environments and their impact on educational and operational effectiveness
  • leadership in the administration of dietetic or hospitality and tourism management educational programs

For information about program and admission requirements for the Human Ecology with specialization in Hospitality Administration (Doctor of Philosophy) program, visit the Kansas State University Catalog.

Major Professor and Supervisory Committee

  • The department will assign each student a temporary advisor to assist the student in registering for coursework until the student selects a major professor and files a program of study.
  • Students are encouraged to select a major professor as soon as possible. The student must select a major professor from the Department of Hospitality Management graduate faculty who have been certified to direct doctoral students. If a student wishes to work with a major professor who has not yet been certified to direct doctoral students on his/her own, a co-major professor who is so certified may become part of the committee to assist with the direction of the research.
  • By the beginning of the second semester of enrollment, the student (in consultation with the major professor) should select three additional faculty members with graduate faculty status to serve as members of the supervisory committee. At least two of the four members of the supervisory committee (including the major professor) must be faculty in the Department of Hospitality Management. At least one member should be from another department.