IDFS Showcase of Excellence

Showcase of Excellence Website Gallery and Fashion Film

Thursday, April 22, 2022
Celebration Event during the IDFS Symposium
Time TBA

Invitation to Participate

Student projects are pre-invited by faculty. The student completes the online submission form to provide project information and a link to a OneDrive folder with project files.


All Projects completed in 2021: February 7, 2022 by noon
Non-Garment Projects completed Spring 2022: March 28, 202 by noon
Dr. Wu’s Garment Projects & Files from Spring 2022: February 18, 2022 by noon
2022 Showcase Submission Form


The Showcase of Excellence website gallery and fashion film are events of the annual IDFS Student Symposium. Student projects and accomplishments are recognized and made available for public and industry professional viewing. The website and fashion film are produced by K-State students.


The 2020-2024 theme is Our Legacy – Empowerment & Excellence

In 1870, 150 years ago, the State of Kansas authorized the development of an academic program that would empower women through a college education. They understood that women on the western frontier of the US needed knowledge and skills to be able to support themselves and their families, to help their families thrive in challenging locations and to make their new frontier communities healthy and vibrant. Our department’s roots are in those very first courses taught to women at the first operating school created under the Morrill Act, Kansas State Agricultural College.

Sewing was among the first courses taught in the Farm and Domestic Economy program. Soon after they added other coursework related to healthy and efficient household management. Today, we continue the tradition excellence by empowering our students and graduates, both women and men, to have meaningful lives and productive careers.

The 2021 Showcase of Excellence recognizes student work that embodies the concept of Empowerment or Excellence through the educational, social, economic, political or psychological frames.

Awards & Recognitions

Student awards and recognitions will be posted on the website and celebrated at the April 22 event.

For more information and updates please contact Sherry Haar


Course Application Form
FASH450: Showcase of Excellence Event Planning
Spring 2022, 3 credits, TU 3:55-5:10

Instructor Dr. Sherry Haar

Course Description and Information
Planning, promotion, and production of a website, digital fashion show, and digital gallery of student work representing excellence in the program.

The Showcase of Excellence will be featured April 22, 2022, at IDFS Symposium hybrid events. Students enrolled in FASH450 are responsible for the planning, management, execution, promotion, and online delivery of the website, fashion show, gallery and related content. The website and select content remain live for IDFS recognition and recruitment.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the history of fashion events and social, economic, and cultural impacts.
  • Research and develop ‘runway’ and photo shoots.
  • Apply video and audio recording and film editing; photography and editing.
  • Update and enhance Showcase of Excellence website:
  • Generate branded content using film, photo, and graphic design to promote the Showcase of Excellence.
  • Demonstrate time management, leadership, and teamwork in a semester-long produced event.

Students complete the digital Showcase Course Application Form by midnight Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021.

Selection of students, by faculty, is based upon 1) the balance between team needs and student interest, experience, and skill sets, 2) a balance of graduating and returning students, and 3) demonstrated accountability and professionalism in prior department interactions. Students will be informed of enrollment decisions by Nov. 19, 2021.