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Alumni & Partners

We value our continued relationships with alumni and friends of the Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies. Please email us and to keep us up to date!

We would appreciate hearing your news about new jobs, promotions, starting a new business, admission to graduate school, completing a graduate degree and passing professional examinations.

We also look forward to hearing about job opportunities or internships available to our students or alumni. If you know of a position available, please use the email address identified above to send a link to the internet posting or a PDF of a flier that we can distribute.

Let us know if there is any way we can assist you through a partnership. We are always looking for opportunities to connect faculty and students to businesses and professionals. Let us know when we can assist you.

If you are willing to volunteer in any way, let us know. Some of the things you might be willing to do include:

  • help current students as they prepare for a job search by reviewing their resume and/or portfolio
  • let a student or recent graduate use your spare bedroom for a summer internship or a week of job searching
  • help a student or graduate become familiar with your city when they have moved there to take an internship or new position
  • assist with our Historic Costume and Textile Museum events and exhibits
  • provide opportunities for our faculty and students to visit your places of business or research laboratories
  • provide opportunities for faculty to participate in, or observe, activities in your business for a short time to get a hands-on view of current business practices