Jamie (Dunbar) Pinto

FIGSJamie Dunbar
Chief Product and Sustainability Officer

Jami Dunbar is an innovator in apparel technical design. Her key focus is conceiving, testing and developing future processes for design, manufacturing and virtualization of apparel.

Jami joined Under Armour in August 2012 and has been grateful to lead a team in the creation of award-winning and patented designs. She was Vice President of Apparel and Accessories Development. Prior to Under Armour she served as Vice President of Technical Design at Abercrombie & Fitch and previously held positions at Hollister, Nordstrom and Abercrombie Kids.

Currently, she works at FIGS as a Chief Product and Sustainability Officer. She maintains active involvement with students in Apparel and Textiles and serve on multiple academic Advisory Boards. She received a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textiles from Kansas State University.