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Current Students

Welcome! This page includes information especially for current students in the fashion studies major and the interior design major. The Department of Interior Design and Fashion Studies is committed to providing a well-rounded education to students through multiple experiences such as, leadership, professional development, academics and other activities.

We work with industry professionals to develop our curriculum, and maintain close relationship with alumni and industry professionals. Check out the IDFS Alumni profiles to discover the opportunities available for our graduates.

To begin your academic career take advantage of your academic advisor and success guide. We recommend that you join one or more student organizations, study abroad, take advantage of volunteer opportunities, attend professional development events and activities, visit the Career Center, and other resources for students on campus to get the most out of your college career.

For more information please contact Hannah Schuh, IDFS academic advisor and student services coordinator at 785-532-1320 and hannaheb@ksu.edu

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