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Bryan Heinrich

Bryan Heinrich, CF-L4

A K-State graduate, Bryan has been a CrossFit trainer since 2008, starting at CrossFit Oahu in Honolulu, HI. Bryan is the only Level 4 Certified CrossFit Coach in the State of Kansas. He is also certified by CrossFit in Olympic Weightlifting, Running and Endurance, Gymnastics, Nutrition, Science of Exercise, Mobility and Recovery, and CrossFit Kids. He is a USA Level 1 Weightlifting Coach and has been trained on the C2 rower by Olympic Gold Medalist, Erin Cafaro.

blake goodman

Blake Goodman, CF-L1

Blake is a second-year master’s student in the Kinesiology department, and she completed her undergraduate degree at Truman State University. Her research interests include physical activity/exercise promotion among young women and rural populations, older adult fitness, and physical literacy. What she loves most about CrossFit is the incorporation of many modes of movement in the programming. She enjoys adventuring outdoors with her dog and is rarely seen without coffee!


Jason Sartor, CF-L2

Jason is a senior undergraduate in Kinesiology. He conducts research often related to Crossfit in the FIT Lab. After he graduates he will be pursuing my master's. Jason likes Olympic Lifts, Strongmam movements and loves fast aggressive workouts like Fran or Grace.


Cole Miller, CF-L1

Cole is a senior finishing up his undergraduate in psychology. He is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, where he began his interest in CrossFit. His favorite CrossFit movements are the Olympic lifts, especially the Snatch. Outside of CrossFit he is an avid hobby collector, including interests in competitive bass fishing, basketball, mountain biking, and Frisbee golf.

Andy Ramos, CF-L1


Korynne Rollins, CF-L2

Korynne is a second year doctoral student in the Kinesiology department working on research to identify mechanisms responsible for exercise intolerance in cardiovascular disease. She is originally from Surprise, AZ. She loves warm weather and many outdoor sports. She has a background in gymnastics so talk to her if you have any questions regarding those skills. Her favorite CrossFit movements are anything involving being upside-down (handstands!).

Victor Andrews

Victor Andrews, CF-L2

Victor is a doctoral student at Kansas State University, studying Kinesiology. He is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and a military veteran.

Katie Heinrich

Katie Heinrich, PhD, CF-L2
Trainer and Faculty Sponsor,

Katie is the faculty member responsible for K-State CrossFit. She is an Associate Professor of Exercise Behavioral Science and Director of the Functional Intensity Training Laboratory. She holds a CrossFit Level 2 certification and also is CrossFit Kids certified. She is certified Level I and Level II: Jumps by USA Track & Field. She was an item writer for the CrossFit Coaching Certification Exam.