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Getting Started

CrossFit Header

  • K-State CrossFit is open to the entire Manhattan community.
  • You do not need to be affiliated with Kansas State University to participate.
  • All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Try an Introductory workout for Free!  Every Saturday at 10am in Natatorium 4.

If you are interested in doing regular CrossFit classes at K-State, you will need to sign up for an Elements Class (schedule). In course, you will have four 1-hour sessions to learn and reinforce the basic movements and skills necessary to participate in CrossFit classes, including how to scale workouts to meet your current fitness and ability levels.  See below for a short video of elements classes.

To get started with elements, sign up for elements by clicking on this link.
**Cost for elements is $21 (students)/$42 (non-students) - or FREE if it's your first time signing up with us for a month of classes!