Cory Thompson


Contact Information

343A Justin Hall

Courses I Teach

  • PFP 105 - Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
  • PFP 456 - Financial Counseling and Communication
  • PFP 460 - Retirement Planning Concepts
  • PFP 466 - Personal Risk Management and Insurance Planning


  • M.S. in Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University
  • M.B.A., West Virginia University
  • B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies (Math, Meteorology), University of Oklahoma

Professional Biography

Cory Thompson is an instructor in the Personal Financial Planning department at Kansas State University. In this position, he teaches Introduction to Personal Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Financial Counseling and Communication, and Personal Risk Management and Insurance Planning. He also serves on the undergraduate committee and is the FPA Student Chapter Faculty Advisor.

His research interest originates from his oil and gas industry experience, which led to his interest in large windfalls from oil and gas lease bonus money. Additionally, his desire to help people effectively utilize large amounts of money led to research interests in inheritance and bequest behaviors, behavioral finance, self-control, and retirement planning.

He is finishing his Ph.D. at Texas Tech University, which he plans to complete in 2024.

Vita (pdf)