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College of Health
and Human Sciences

Kansas State University
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Health Professions Advising

Pre-Health students have at least two advisors, an Academic Advisor; sometimes called a Major Advisor, and a Pre-Professional Advisor; sometimes called a Health Professions Advisor.

Major Advisors help students understand what they must do to complete the requirements of their major (degree). Health Professions Advisors help students understand what they must do to become competitive applicants to health professional schools and programs.

Students should meet regularly with each of their advisors to be sure they are making timely progress toward completion of all their major and health professions requirements.

College of Health and Human Sciences Health Professions Advisors

Adam DiekerAdam Dieker (adieker@k-state.edu)
Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy

Susan WattSusan Watt (swatt@k-state.edu)
Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine, Physician Assistant, and Nursing

How to make an appointment with our Health Professions Advisors

The receptionist in the College of Health and Human Sciences Dean's Office makes appointment for Health Professions Advisors. Call 785-532-5500 or drop by the Reception Desk in 119 Justin Hall to make an appointment. Health Professions Advisors do not make appointments by e-mail.

What our Health Professions Advisors do

Assist students with long-range planning so they know:

  • How to combine degree requirements with professional school prerequisites
  • When and how to prepare for and take entrance exams
  • When and how to apply to professional schools

Help students select classes that fulfill professional school prerequisites

Discuss how students can create a competitive application by:

  • Achieving an outstanding academic record
  • Shadowing professionals and volunteering in their community
  • Fostering relationships with professors and professionals who can write recommendations
  • Exploring areas of interest through relevant experiences
  • Developing good writing skills in preparation for creating an effective personal statement
  • Performing well on entrance exams

Discuss strategies helpful in creating a strong academic record and developing beneficial skills

Direct students to appropriate campus resources

Assist in the professional school application process

Cooperate and coordinate with their students' major advisors and other relevant university resources

Health Professions Curriculum Guides

When students should meet with a Health Professions Advisor

Students should meet with a Health Professions Advisor:

  • As soon as possible after deciding to pursue a health career
  • When they have questions about prerequisites or preparing for health professional programs
  • During enrollment time each semester either before or after seeing their major advisor

Good advising relationships depend on students contacting each of their advisors and working closely with them. Students should meet with their advisors often so they get to know them well; it is not necessary to wait until enrollment time to meet with advisors.

E-Mail Communication from Health Professions Advisors

Health Professions Advisors are responsible for hundreds of students. By necessity, they communicate with them via e-mail. It is important that students read their K-State e-mail daily. Students can create a file in their e-mail account and have messages from advisors sent directly to that folder to make them easy to find.