Policy and Process for Reinstatement

Students placed on academic dismissal normally must wait at least two regular semesters before they will be considered for readmission. This is done to provide students time to evaluate and redefine educational goals, and to address circumstances that negatively impacted academic performance. While waiting, dismissed students may complete courses at other institutions. Courses taken at other institutions will not change the K-State grade point average, but may serve to demonstrate improved academic performance. There is no guarantee of readmission to the University after the waiting period.

If after the waiting period you wish to be considered for reinstatement to the College of Health and Human Sciences, please contact the college's Academic Standards Committee for an application. The committee's administrative assistant can be reached at 785-532-5500. Approval for readmission into a College of Health and Human Sciences program of study (major) is based upon completion of the application and attendance at an individual hearing before the Academic Standards Committee. This hearing is called a Reinstatement Hearing.

Should you wish to change your major to a program in another college at Kansas State University, you must petition for readmission into that college. Contact the dean's office of the other college for information about their readmission procedures and hearing dates.

Petition for Reinstatement Instructions (pdf)

Petition for Reinstatement Application Form (pdf)

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