Action Planning Resources

Action planning is a valuable process to aid organizations in identifying steps necessary to make an idea become a reality. In our fast-paced environments, action plans become tools to keep teams on track. Check out these action planning resources.

Action Plan Template: The Action Plan Template (pdf) should simplify the process of writing an action plan. Use the template to make sure that you aren’t missing any components to your plan (e.g. responsible person(s) and target dates). There is also a Microsoft Word version (doc) of this document.

Guide to Action Planning: The Guide to Action Planning (pdf) is a step-by-step guide to lead you through the process of action planning.

Action Plan Worksheets: Are you struggling with writing your action plan? Does action planning overwhelm you? This resource is for you! The worksheets provide a step-by-step guide from each PEAK 2.0 core area for writing an action plan. Select the cores you are working on and use them to help guide your teams through the action planning process.

Daily Routines
DM Resident Care
DM Resident Care-NFMH
DM Staff Work
Career Development
Resident Bedrooms
Resident Use Space
Supporting the Human Spirit
Community Involvement

Sample Action Plans: Check out the following samples to get an idea what a well-executed action plan looks like for several core areas. Remember, an action plan that works for one home may not work for yours, as each organization is unique. These samples are to give you an idea of the level of detail you action plan should include and they may even give you some ideas that other homes have used in their implementation of pcc. A big thank you to Heritage Health Care, Louisburg Health and Rehabilitation, Medicalodge Atchison, Leonardville Nursing Home, Moundridge Manor, Logan Manor, and Ness County Hospital LTCU for allowing us to use your action plans as an inspiration.

Food: Sample #1 and Sample #2

Relationships: Sample #1 and Sample #2

Resident Bedrooms: Sample #1 and Sample #2

Supporting the Human Spirit: Sample #1 and Sample #2

Decision Making Staff Work: Sample #1