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Master's Degree Program

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The 36-hour Master of Science program in Family Studies and Human Services with a specialization in Applied Family Science trains students in applying research-based knowledge in diverse family contexts. Students will gain the skills needed to develop, implement, evaluate, and administer programs designed to enhance family and relationship health and well-being.

Successful completion of the Master's program with a specialization in Applied Family Science will provide students the necessary knowledge and skills to work in a variety of public or non-profit settings, or continue graduate work in Applied Family Science or other related disciplines.


Required Courses:

  • FSHS 801: Grant Development and Management
  • FSHS 808: Topics in Applied Family Science
  • FSHS 850: Family Science
  • FSHS 852: Family Theories
  • FSHS 860: Family Policy
  • FSHS 871: Program Development and Administration
  • FSHS 893: Program Evaluation in Human Services
  • FSHS 888: Research Methods in FSHS I 
  • FSHS 898: Professional and Ethical Issues in Applied Family Science
  • LSHD 820: Theories of Human Development

NOTE: If a student is completing a thesis, additional coursework in statistics or methodology should be pursued.


In addition to the 10 required courses above, the curriculum requires a minimum of 9 elective credit hours. These courses should be chosen based on the student's professional goals and approved by the supervisory committee, and can include thesis credit hours. If desired, students can choose to pursue a graduate certificate to complement or enhance their degree in Applied Family Science. Elective credits may be counted towards completion of the certificate. Please note that completion of the certificate may require additional credits beyond those required for the Master's Degree.

Culminating Experience

All students completing the Master's degree in Applied Family Science will be required to complete a written thesis or report and an oral defense of that written product.

A master's thesis is original scholarship based on the student's research, which is conducted and written under the direction of the student's major professor and supervisory committee. In order to prepare students for successful completion, the thesis process will include pre-proposal and proposal meetings, in addition to mentoring from a student's supervisory committee throughout the duration.

A master's report is original scholarship based on an applied project the student conducts. The master's report can take many forms (e.g., evaluation of a Family Life Education program, professional workshop or training, training manual for a social services agency, etc.). In order to prepare students for successful completion, the report process will include a proposal meeting, in addition to mentoring from a student's supervisory committee throughout the duration.


Contact Information

Students interested in this option with questions about program requirements or curriculum should contact:

Dr. Michelle Toews
Human Development and Family Science
Department of Applied Human Sciences
119C Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Ln.
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506