Make sure you are aware of the due dates. Awards must submitted electronically by February 19 or the application will not be considered!

Awards will not be considered if they are not signed by the appropriate person(s)!

Spotlight Chapter Award and Active Chaper Report are due June 1.

2023-2024 Community Service Project Brochure (pdf)
2023-2024 State Community Service Project Recognition Form (pdf)
Active Chapter Report
Administrator of the Year (PDF) (WORD)
Alumni & Associates Assistant Contract for NLC (pdf)
Business of the Year (pdf)
Community of the Year (pdf)
District Chapter Adviser of the Year (doc)
District Chapter Member of the Year (pdf)
Family of the Year (pdf)
FCCLA Rush Week & Report Form (pdf)
Honorary Membership Form (pdf)
Kansas Adviser Mentor Recognition Award (pdf)
Kansas FCCLA Corporate Relations Liaison
Membership Recognition Award (pdf)
Novice Adviser of the Year Award (pdf)
Parent/Guardian of the Year Award (pdf)
Spotlight Award Application (docx)
Statewide Chapter Adviser of the Year (pdf)
Statewide Chapter Member of the Year (pdf)


To submit a National Program Award for State recognition, please fill out the application form on the national website:

The program award applications are included in each of the National Program links. Submit the application to Nationals and save and email/mail a copy to Kansas FCCLA for State recognition by February 19.

Save the completed application to your desktop and attach to an email to:


Scholarship applications are due February 19.

Alumni & Associates Scholarship (WORD) (PDF)
Kansas FCCLA Leadership Scholarship (WORD) (PDF)
KATFACS Scholarship (WORD) (PDF)
Lynette Yevak FCCLA Memorial Scholarship (PDF)
Peer Education Leadership Scholarship (WORD) (PDF)
Ryan Haxton FCCLA Leadership Scholarship (PDF)
Scholarship Acceptance Form (pdf) - must be completed if accepted as a scholarship recipient for scholarships listed above.

KAFCS Scholarship for those entering FCS Education