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Student Travel Awards

The intent of the School of Family Studies and Human Services Travel Awards is to provide travel support to undergraduate and graduate students presenting at domestic and international conferences and meetings.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in a major within the School of Family Studies and Human Services are eligible to apply for a travel award to attend professional conferences. Students who are attending a conference are eligible to receive $50 and those presenting are eligible to receive up to $500.
  • Travel awards are intended for students with limited or no additional travel funding.
  • Within a fiscal year (July 1-June 30), a student may be awarded a maximum of $550 for travel.
  • All students are required to submit proper paperwork for travel. This is a requirement of the University. Each student must have a Travel Request form on file for the related travel in which they are receiving an award.

Application Process and Deadlines

Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines. Late applications will not be considered. Awards will be announced within 10 days following the application deadline.

Month of TravelApplication Deadline
JulyApril 20
AugustMay 20
SeptemberJune 20
OctoberJuly 20
NovemberAugust 20
DecemberSeptember 20
JanuaryOctober 20
FebruaryNovember 20
MarchDecember 20
AprilJanuary 20
MayFebruary 20
JuneMarch 20
Please Note: Students traveling over an interval of time that falls within two months must submit an application for the month that travel begins. For example, a student traveling from August 27-September 2 must submit an application by the May 20 deadline.

Applications must be submitted to:

Denise Fangman
304 Justin Hall