PCATS, a tool designed for faculty by faculty to track all professional accomplishments. This is a system that benefits you, your department, your college, and your university by allowing access to your personal academic and research achievements 24/7 anywhere there is internet capabilities.

Data Entry


Log into your personal account

Use your K-State Log-in credentials. Once logged in, select the MANAGE ACTIVITIES tab at the top of the screen. Next, select the category your information should be entered into and add a new entry. Don’t forget to SAVE. Then, fill out the quick form with all relevant information.

**IMPORTANT: At the end of every entry, a date is requested. You MUST at least provide the MONTH/YEAR.

Assisted Entry

Fill out the Entry Data form

Once submitted, it is received by our PCATS email account, where our team will work on entering the information provided into the system for you. They will then send an email requesting that you log into your account and review the data for accuracy. *Strongly suggested that faculty review all entries for accuracy.




Category Index & Definition (pdf)
College Data Entry Instruction Manual (pdf) – includes section breakdown instruction, etc...
Digital Measures Faculty/Staff Guide – link can be access directly on personal account by selecting ‘Review a Guide’.
High-Impact Educational Practices (pdf)
Import Publication Instructions - Many publications can be directly imported in BibTeX file instead of manual entry.
College Report Archive

Submit all questions to pcats@k-state.edu