Secondary Major in Gerontology

The Secondary Major in Gerontology was developed to enhance job opportunities and develop new areas of specialty within a student’s primary career path. It is a 24-credit-hour program of study. Courses may overlap with those taken for primary major requirements.

Gerontology (9 hours required) + Electives (15 hours)

Required courses (9 credit hours)

GERON 315 – Introduction to Gerontology (3)
GERON 575 – Introduction to Diversity in the Aging Experience (3)
GERON 577 – Introduction to Policy and Advocacy in Gerontology (3)

Electives Courses

Additional courses may be approved for gerontology credit on a case-by-case basis. Students may choose electives from the list based upon their professional goals. Gerontology courses must be used for at least six of the elective course hours. Courses not on the electives list may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the gerontology advisor and/or the program director.

List of elective course options (pdf)