Secondary Major in Gerontology

Is the field of gerontology a possible career for you? Will having a gerontology background help you in your planned career in (insert your major here)? The answer is YES!

Aging is a multidisciplinary field, combining information from a number of areas such as biology, sociology, communication, family studies, business or financial planning, crisis management, and more. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field of gerontology, students in a wide variety of majors find that gerontology can be a valuable asset in supporting career goals.

What Types of Careers have KSU gerontology students followed?
Elder law Art & Music Therapy
Health Care (all areas) Speech Therapy

Counseling (grief, elder aduse,
substance abuse, family)

Long Term Care Administration
Public Policy Business
Social Work Architecture/Interior Design
Extension Specialists Animal Assisted Therapy

Required Courses (9 hours)

GERON 315 Introduction to Gerontology (3)
GERON 575 Introduction to Diversity in the Aging Experience (3)
GERON 577 Introduction to Policy & Advocacy in Gerontology (3)

Elective Courses (15 hours)

Students may take any course from the list of approved electives. Gerontology courses must be used for at least 9 of the elective credit hours.

Secondary major requirements (pdf)

List of elective course options (pdf)

Long-Term Care Administration Track

For more information or to add the secondary major stop by Justin Hall 253, call 785-532-5945 or email the gerontology advisor.

What do our graduates say?

I absolutely loved my experience in gerontology. Coming into K-State, I already had a love for older adults that was continually fostered through various courses and experiences in the program. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone interested in working with older adults in some capacity.

~ May 2021 graduate

I didn't realize the value that doing this would have on me personally and professionally. I learned a lot of things that are going to be beneficial for me and my family as well as the value of having it on a resume to send to graduate schools. It looks good to people because they know that you have an understanding of taking care of an older adult and a good understanding of how social policies are implemented in our society.

~ May 2021 graduate