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Welcome to PCATS, the amazing tool designed for faculty by faculty, to track professional accomplishments; "Enter once, use indefinitely"!

Professional activities recorded in PCATS (Professional Comprehensive Accomplishments Tracking System) can be easily managed 24/7 from anywhere you access the Internet. Use of PCATS, once your activities are recorded in the system 

  • reflects you and your work activities in College reports.
  • retains and organizes your activity indefinitely.
  • can be formatted to create your professional vita and keep it up-to-date at all times.

"PCATS = Enter once, use indefinitely"

PCATS Organizational Chart

PCATS Data Entry

PCATS Run Your Own Report

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Faculty will be able to

Create a monthly report with a standard template (No more manual reporting!)
Create an annual accomplishments report for annual evaluation
Create a full CV (if all professional accomplishments are entered)
Create an NIH and NSF biosketch in the recognized standardized format
Create customized reports on grants, contracts, intellectual contributions, professional development and more.

Department heads/School director and the associate dean for academic affairs may create group aggregated reports in response to inquiries of progress on the strategic plan.

This system replaces your monthly report. By entering your information in Activity Insight, a report can be generated on your behalf.

Activities and Accomplishments

Click on the link below to see a map of the categories and information that may be entered in the system. The faculty member (or their designee) will enter most of their information. However, some information will be uploaded on behalf of the faculty member including course information in the For-credit courses screen (information from Registrar’s office) as well as contracts, fellowships, grants and sponsored research in the Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research screen (information from Vice President for Research). (Of course, faculty may enter this information by hand if preferred.)

If a designee is entering information, we strongly suggest that faculty review the entries for accuracy.

Many publications can be directly imported in Bibtex file (rather than manual entry) www.digitalmeasures.com/activity-insight/docs/directdataimports/


Dean's Address (pdf)
PCATS Dashboard (pdf)
PCATS Faculty Overview (pdf)
Managing Your Data (pdf)
PCATS Monthly Reporting (pdf)


Instruction Help for Data Entry (by section)

Assistance with PCATS Data Entry form

View Monthly Report Archive

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