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Enrolling in a Minor or Certificate

Add / Drop a School of Family Science and Family Studies
Minor or Certificate (Non-Degree Programs)

You can add or drop any of our minors or certificates (non-degree plans) electronically by using the form below. This process may take a few days. If you do not see any changes in your DARS list within a couple of weeks of submission, please contact Kiersten Wukitsch at kierst2@k-state.edu.

Please enter your name as it appears on your KSIS account.

Please provide the 9-digit number on your student ID. Do not include any dashes or spaces.

Please use your K-State email address, not a personal account.

For example, are you switching plans, too busy, switching to the major, etc.


Learn more about our different non-degree options:



Need help?

Kiersten Wukitsch

  • Adding/Dropping an FSHS non-degree program
  • Your application to graduate with a minor or certificate
  • Your non-degree completion status

David Thompson

  • Conflict Resolution Certificate
  • Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies Minor

Tierra Dimond 

  • Kansas Insurance Certificate
  • Financial Counseling Minor
  • Personal Financial Planning Minor

Kari Morgan

  • Human Development and Family Science Minor