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Secondary Major, Minor and Certificate Programs

Undergraduate secondary majors and minors provide students an opportunity to emphasize study in an area outside their major curriculum. Courses forming a minor may be used to satisfy the general requirements of a major curriculum, including free electives. Students are not required to complete a minor to graduate. A minor can be awarded to a student upon or after being awarded a baccalaureate degree.

An Undergraduate Academic Credit Certificate emphasizes a focused specialty area of study and increase the knowledge and skills of individuals.

Secondary Major

Gerontology (secondary major)Link to Catalog button

Minors and Certificates

Children in Group Settings MinorButton link to Catalog
Community Health CertificateButton link to Catalog
Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies MinorButton link to Catalog
Conflict Resolution CertificateButton link to Catalog
Fashion Studies MinorButton link to Catalog
Financial Counseling MinorButton link to Catalog
Gerontology MinorButton link to Catalog
Health Coach CertificateButton link to Catalog
Hospitality Management MinorButton link to Catalog
Human Development and Family Science MinorButton link to Catalog
Interdisciplinary Conflict Resolution MinorButton link to Catalog
Kansas Insurance CertificateButton link to Catalog
Kinesiology MinorButton link to Catalog
Nutrition MinorButton link to Catalog
Personal Financial Planning MinorButton link to Catalog
Pre-Kindergarten Education MinorButton link to Catalog


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